Standard Cover

The Standar cover is the most requested one among our customers because it largely exceeds the quality terms required by the market. It’s the best cover in terms of value for money. This model makes the difference compared to the existing ones.

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Interval 2.0 Cover

The Interval 2.0 cover is the same as the standard cover except for its thickness dimensions, which eases its manipulation and enhances it with a minimalist style.

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Extreme cover

The Extreme cover, unlike the standar one, can be done in a large range of colours and with a better PVC quality that is directly in contact with the water.

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Walk on Supreme cover

This is the best cover that can be found in the market.
The range Walk on Supreme is supplied with a more rigid and resistant inside. It can also be done in a large range of colours and with a better quality concerning the manufacturing materials. It can support more than 300kg distributed on the surface. It’s a lot safer, more durable and beautiful.

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Structure of the covers

Purchasing process

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We manufacture your cover following the dimensions and materials chosen in a 15-days term after the confirmation. They all comply with the legal requirements and purposes demanded by the aims of security and quality.

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We rely on the best shipping companies in Europe. Once the cover is manufactured, you'll get it at your house in 48/72 hours.